How to take measurements?


Knowing your measurements is crucial for online shopping, clothing alternations or the creation of your own patterns. To take your measurements you need to stand straight, wear slim fitted clothes and the Damoire measurement table or a piece of paper. For the determination of your length measurements put on a tape measure around your waist. If you don’t have two tape measures I love to use a bias with paper-clip to mark my waistline.

Wie du deine Maße nimmst ohne Taillenmaßband mit einer Büroklammer und Schrägband
A bias is an awesome alternative for a waist-tape-measure

1. Neck size: Take the circumference of your neck and add 1-2 cm.
2. Chest: Wrap your tape measure around the strongest part of your chest
3. Upper chest: Measure the circumference of your upper chest and put the tape measure under your arms.
4. Waist: The waist is the smallest part of your belly and is approx. on the height of your belly button.
5. Upper hip: The upper hip begins at the begin of your hipbone.
6. Hip: Put your measurement tape around the strongest part of your bottom.

Wie Du deine Maße für den Grundschnitt nimmst: Brustumfang, Halsweite, Unterbrustumfang, Taille, Armlänge, Beinlänge7. Arm circumference: Measure the strongest circumference of your upper arm.
8. Wrist circumference: Measure your wrist and add 1-2 cm.
9. Shoulder width: Length from the base of your neck to your shoulder or your upper sleeve line
10. Chest width: The chest width is taken over the bust from one arm to another.
11. Back width: The back width is taken at the strongest part of your back from one arm to another.

12. Back length 1: Base of your neck to your waist tape measure.
13. Back length 2: Base of your neck to your hip.
14. Under chest length: Base of your neck over your chest to your under-chest area.
Wie du Deine Maße nimmst für ein Schnittmuster 15. Front lenght 1: Base of your neck to your waist tape measure.
16. Front length 2: Base of your neck to your hip.
17. Sleeve length: Base of your shoulder over your bended elbow to your wrist.
18. Bust-space: Distance between your chest tops.

19. Body height: Length from your waist to your bottom when sitting.
20. Side length: Length from your waist tape measure to the floor.
21. Knee height: Length from your waist tape measure to your knee.
22. Inner leg-length: Crotch to floor.
23. Thigh width: Circumference from the strongest part of your leg.
24. Knee width: Circumference of your knee.
25. Ankle width: Circumference of your ankle:
26. Waist-crotch-waist: Measure from the front-center of your waist tape measure over your crotch to the center-back of your waist tape measure.

I am going to Blogtacular 2018!


I stumbled upon an Instagram post of hellohoorayblog about Blogtacular 2018 two weeks ago. I was unsure if I shall take part in the conference because I am unsure if my English conversation skills are well enough, but the conference convinced me, and I wanted to travel to London in summer anyway. I’ve never heard from Blogtacular before. In Germany there are similar events like the bloggst! or several barcamps about blogging. I haven’t been there because I was forced to take a break from blogging when my studies began in 2013 and when events were futuristic.

What’s Blogtacular?

It is a place to meet other bloggers to share creative ideas and be inspired by workshop, follow bloggers or business owners. I must say that the video “How is Blogtacular like?” convinced me the most!

My wishes for the conference?

I would love to meet new people and discuss about their blog and I hope that I’ll see the one or another sewing blogger! My wish is to take a huge amount of creativity back to Germany.

P.S. Will you be at Blogtacular too?