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About Sabrina

Damoire – Create yourself

The story behind My first stitch on a sewing machine I sew when I was twelve years old. I can remember my first red bag too well. I’ve tried out every possible machine stitch… I quickly realized: I want to sew clothes! Fashion is an art for me, I can admire old Vintage-clothes or historical-fashion for hours and become a bit sentimental. More then ten years after my first sewing experience and dozens of ripped seams later I want to share my knowledge.

On Damoire you will find basic-sewing-techniques for beginners as well as projects and ideas for advanced sewers.

I am a German-speaking belgian and that’s also the reason why I want to write my blog in two languagues. I have studied in Germany Communication & Multimedia Design and just finished my studies.

Kurze Fakten ├╝ber mich:

Name: Sabrina
Age: 25 years old
Bornin: Belgium
Based in: Aachen, Germany
Languages: German, French, English
Favorite Color: turquoise, petrol
My funniest sewing moment: I sewed the sleeves of a jacket the wrong way around and I never touched the jacket again but it looked hilarious.
My most important sewing tool: I couln’d sew without seam-ripper.
My current sewing challenge: I want to learn fabric manipulation.