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I am going to Blogtacular 2018!


I stumbled upon an Instagram post of hellohoorayblog about Blogtacular 2018 two weeks ago. I was unsure if I shall take part in the conference because I am unsure if my English conversation skills are well enough, but the conference convinced me, and I wanted to travel to London in summer anyway. I’ve never heard from Blogtacular before. In Germany there are similar events like the bloggst! or several barcamps about blogging. I haven’t been there because I was forced to take a break from blogging when my studies began in 2013 and when events were futuristic.

What’s Blogtacular?

It is a place to meet other bloggers to share creative ideas and be inspired by workshop, follow bloggers or business owners. I must say that the video “How is Blogtacular like?” convinced me the most!

My wishes for the conference?

I would love to meet new people and discuss about their blog and I hope that I’ll see the one or another sewing blogger! My wish is to take a huge amount of creativity back to Germany.

P.S. Will you be at Blogtacular too?