My learnings from Blogtacular

[Advertisement – non-paid, personal opinion] Some days ago, I was at the Blogtacular in London. Why? I love to meet new people and I found the mix of young founders, bloggers and workshops interesting. I don’t know a comparable conference in Germany and if I had to describe Blogtacular in three words I would say: “Colorful, open-minded and creative.”

After the conference I had an information overload and stood half-sleeping into the crowded central-line tube. English is my third language – even if my knowledge is well, it’s still exhausting to understand all the different accents.

Picture by Will Ireland:
Blogtacular 2018, event photos, @ 200 Aldersgate by Picture by Will Ireland

“You are your instrument, and you can’t play a broken instrument. So, take care of yourself!”

One of the most trenchant quotes was for me the above-noted from Tiffany Han. It’s completely right to take care of yourself first, otherwise we can’t play our instrument. Besides the Blogtacular showed me again how important relationships and a network are and that you should follow your passion.

Tip 1: Follow your passion it doesn’t matter how crazy it might be!

My passion is art. Sincerely I adore creating things with my handy and I am the first which goes into raptures if I see small crafted details. However, I also love structure, and I have a weakness for the art of analysis. No matter if it is numbers or a pattern, I’ll discover the secret behind it.

Blogtacular Photowalk South, Picture by Kat Molesworth

The insight for my blog is: I want to write more content for advanced sewers because after ten years I am not interested in sewing simple pillows and want to discover new techniques and want to sew fashion with that certain “je ne sais quoi.”

Tip 2: Be unique and find out who you want to be.

Only after you found out who you are online you can describe your dream audience. To learn more about the definition of a Blog Persona” (audience) I went to a workshop from Kate Baxter and Jess Sims. There we should think about our „perfect reader“ to get a better structure for our content. To my surprise in every persona is a hidden part of the blogger. Below you can see a sketch of my ideal persona, and it really helped me to focus.

Blog Persona for a sewing blog

Tip 3: Imagine your perfect reader.

I was so excited when I heard that another German speaking person would be on the conference: Anna Neumann from Pinterest! Her presentation really expanded my knowledge about the platform!

The ideal Pinterest picture size is 600 x 900 px and daily pinning matters! The rule is 80% owned content and 20% other content, and that fact surprised me a lot. Besides you can use hashtags on Pinterest now and you should describe your pins with details. Your boards should be very specific, and it helps to concert your account into a business account. Then you’ll have access to statistics which will help you to pin specifically.

That was my learning from the workshops and apart from that I get to know a lot new people! Even if I hadn’t a prompt answer in group discussions, because it was challenging to interpret the accents, I would definitely visit the next Blogtacular in 2020!


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