Sew your own lace socks for summer

Some weeks ago, I stumbled across an Instagram-Story from my favorite store “Veritas” and I saw lace socks! I was hooked and decided to sew a pair for myself! After my first pair with frills looked like an accident, my second pair with elastic trimming tape succeed right away. The lace socks are a quickly sewn and a cute little present.

You’ll need for the lace socks:

– A piece of elastic-lace (alternatively jersey)

– elastic trimming tape

– yarn, pins, scissors…

My free socks-pattern “Soccabie”

Sew you own socks free pattern

Put the pattern twice into the fold and cut it out with 0,5 mm seam-allowance at the open side. Pay attention that the grain is in 90° to the fold, that’s means your fabric need to be elastic in the width. Then close the open borders with an overlock machine or an elastic stitch from your sewing machine.

Geschenke selbst nähen, Geburtstagsgeschenk nähen Elastisches Einfassband feststecken

Thereafter, you can take your elastic trimming tape, pin it down and sew it with an elastic stitch (I took a zigzag stitch). And in no time are your lace summer socks done!

Sommeroutfir mit Spitzensocken Lookbook

Personally, I’ll wear the socks to skirts and dresses, but I can imagine they would look great to 7/8 trousers and shorts. If you enjoyed my tutorial I would love to see your socks, please let me know in the comments below!

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