Sewing a maxi-skirt without pattern

Summer is coming and with it my annual fabric sorting starts. Some fabrics have been hidden in my collection for many years, but I can’t resist buying fabrics if I like the pattern or the texture of the fabric.

Some weeks ago, I found an old piece of lace fabric. I instantly had the idea to sew a maxi skirt out of it, but my boyfriend replied it would look like my grandmother’s curtains and I wasn’t so sure anymore. That’s why I started an Instagram poll and you confirmed that my taste wasn’t so wrong at all.

Sew you own maxi skirt without a pattern
The maxi-skirt is sewn in a sec and you’ll need the following materials:

– measuring tape
– tailor chalk
– sewing needles
– pins
– seam tape
– zipper in 30 cm or 40 cm
– fabric

sew your own maxi skirt with no pattern

You can draw the pattern directly on the fabric. Pay attention to fixate the fabric together with some pins. For the pattern you’ll need your length from the waist to the floor and your waistline. I took for the width my doubled waistline measurements and grinded the fabric before sewing it to the waistband.


How to sew a maxi skirt with lace and no pattern in no time

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