Portugal: Cascais and the story behind my maxi dress

I sat in the train from Lisbon to Cascais, Portugal. The air condition was pushing cold air into the compartment and I was lucky to have put on my maxi dress. Otherwise may have frozen too much. The train slowly starts moving… After a few seconds I saw the river and the landscape passed by and I started thinking.

Lisbon is different from other cities I visited. The mood is so relaxed, and nobody seems in a rush, even if people are running to their trains they don’t look stressed at all. At our first evening we wandered through the city and stumbled into two festivals where a whole square was dancing to music. It was such an exuberant atmosphere and something in my stressed mind changed.

You decide how you want to experience your life.

As the train arrived we stepped out into the sun and were overwhelmed. We didn’t expect that Cascais would be so touristic, so we started running into residential neighborhoods. You’ll get the best travel experiences if you don’t rely on your travel guide.

We went down the street and stopped by a beautiful tree with pink flowers. I was enchanted by the complete atmosphere of the non-touristic parts of Cascais. The very many stunning houses on the parallel street of the coast street and it was so calm! Then we deceided to visit „Boca do Inferno“ and turned left.

Flowers in Cascais. Visit Lissabon
The view on the cliffs was amazing but the were many crazy people who climbed over the security barrier and walked to the edge of the porous stone to make some Instagram shots. I don’t recommend climbing on the edge of a cliff but „Boca do Inferno“ is definitly worth a visit!

I went to Lisbon with a new maxi dress where I putted ages into the pattern because I had the glorious idea to sew some unusual darts from the breast to the back and from the neckline to the waist.

Sewing a maxi dress for Cascais and lisbon

For the first time I tried to drape the pattern on my mannequin. It was easier then I thought but also harder because I had no exact paper pattern and at the end I had some probleme because I didn’t correct the pattern when I copied it on paper. The next time I’ll do it better. Do you have any draping tips?

Modellage on dressform



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