Social Media: The pressure to create.

The side effects of social media are not unknown to me I dedicated a whole bachelor’s thesis to the topic. Theoretically I know that we use it to get social recognition, that the like function promotes addiction and that we must keep posting engaging posts to be shown at the front row.

„We must keep posting content“. It doesn’t matter what?

I have started Damoire to share a passion from the deepest bottom of my heart. Fashion is art to me and art takes time. I would love to develop my skills further into haute couture – to create something special. I don’t mean the Haute Couture you can’t wear because it’s too crazy. I am speaking of the classic haute couture with an eye for details.

For some days now, I am in an argument with myself because I would love to create new content, but it takes time to learn new techniques and I don’t want to sew easy projects. Nonetheless I feel a pressure within and I had to unfollow some accounts because it increased the pressure. Now I try to get my stress level down, stop worrying about my posting attitude and enjoy the positive sides of social media.

I adore sharing my knowledge, getting to know new people and supporting each other. I think mutual support is the key to success and the origin of blogging. If we fight alone, we end up alone.

What do you think? Do you have the same problem and how do you deal with the drawbacks of social media?

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