The project 1: Is writing a book a good idea?

I write a lot because it’s part of my job as a content manager and editor. So, no wonder that I am not in the mood to write in the evening. All my imagination is gone over the day while trying to build in SEO keyword in a great story. Nonetheless I would love to write a book, I always dreamed about it and now I’ve decided to try it anyway. Even if I might feel corny sometimes.

At the same time, I want to use the project as a new start for my blog. I haven’t blogged in a while because I felt under pressure to create meaningful high-quality content. And well, as a sewing blogger you must produce the good content first…

You might also know the feeling of not having enough time. In my life it got worse when I moved to Germany and started working here. Once you think that you resolved everything something else pops into your life. From disability insurance to pension scheme and tax returns. Okay I might have wandered of the point a little bit but I want to proof that is possible to work on your dreams even if you don’t have the perfect working conditions.


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  1. I think that a book is a larger project but …. why not. Everything you enjoy is a good idea to do.
    You create the whole day content , converting seo-words into text. But writing a own book at the afternoon is something completly different. I imagine it is like taxi-driving the whole day and racing at the evening. Both is driving a vehicle with 4 tyres, but the rest is completly different.

    I know the feeling to create under pressure… and because of this there are several breaks at my blog. Sometimes there is just nothing to told. But it is ok…. It is like a conversation, sometimes you have nothing to say and just listen.

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