DIY- How to sew a double circle skirt

Today I begin my series of articles about „Vintage Business chic” in which I’ll sew everyday suitable and office suitable clothes. In each of the tutorials I’ll show you how to develop your own pattern and in a following post I’ll share some tips. Spring is finally there and with it a new mint circle skirt moves into my wardrobe. If you want to have a new piece too, you’ll need 3 yards of cotton fabric and some cardboard. Pattern development dor a double circle skirt You start with measuring your waist circumference. Thereafter you’ll take your desired length. Then you need to calculate your radius (circumference/ 4 Pi). After that you’ll take a piece of cardboard with right-angles and draw a quarter-circle from the edge. Next you can draw your desired length measured from the quarter-circle. Pattern development Circle skirt If you have drawn everything, you can cut the pattern out and lay it down into the fold. Copy the quarter-circle, turn it around and copy it from the other side. Now you’ll have one 360° circle in your fabric. Repeat the last step, so that you’ll have two circles and add 2 cm seam allowance. Then you can draw your waistband with a high of 10 cm and your circumference + 2 cm. Schnittlegeplan doppelter Tellerrock Cut the pattern out of the fabric and pay attention to cut in a side of your circle skirt, so that you can sew them together afterwards. Pin your two skirt pieces together at one side and sew them together. Then take a 30 cm long zipper and sew it into the open side. Sew on your waistband and then turn the hem-seam, pin it down and sew it with an invisible hem-stitch or a straight stitch.

Tip: If you want to sew your waistband, attach it first by sewing it by hand to get a perfect result.

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