Pattern for sewing a camisole top

I don’t own many summer tops my last one I bought 2012 in Barcelona but as the temperatures doesn’t start to fall in the next few days. I needed to sew a new top and developed a pattern for a camisole top based on my circle skirt. What I love the most about the top is the fall of the fabric and the causal look. Personally, I would recommend wearing it at the beach or when it isn’t too windy because otherwise your top could fly up and then you present your underwear a far too big audience…

How to sew a camisole top for summer. Summer fashion Inspiration

How to develop a pattern for a camisole top?

Schnittmuster um ein CamiTop zu nähen. Wie nähe ich ein Cami-Top
Complete pattern to sew a casual camisole top.


The measurements on the instruction are for a size 34-38 I recommend adding 2  cm per size if you need the pattern a little larger. I constructed the pattern without a French curve so you can also draw the pattern with a ruler at home. Nonetheless it’s easier to draw the neckline and armholes with a French curve.

Step-by-step tutorial for a camisole pattern development:

Draw a saquare and a rectangle

First you need to draw a square in 65 cm x 65 cm. Thereafter you draw a rectangle into the upper-right corner with 16,5 cm x 12,5 cm.


Then you draw a curve between to two edge points of the rectangle.

Drawing a camisole pattern

Thereafter you take a set square and draw a 12,5 cm and 6 cm high edge into your curve. If you added 2 cm to your pattern you also need to do that here. You also draw the curve of the top in 65 cm from the upper right corner.

Schnittmuster um ein CamiTop zu nähen. Wie nähe ich ein Cami-Top

Afterwards you draw a line from the left side of the upper rectangle to the new set square point and from the center of your neck to the point. You’ll also need a 90 cm x 2 cm piece of fabric for the straps and a 80 cm x 4 cm piece for your neckline.

How to sew a camisole top with an easy pattern in no time

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