Free apron dress pattern

One day before Christmas Eve I has the idea to develop a pattern and sew an apron dress in just one day. I didn’t think I could make it but I made it in one day. I asked you on YouTube if I should make a pdf print pattern out of the dress and some of you liked my comment. I’ll give my beste to size this pattern but I don’t have any experience in grading patterns.

How to construct the side covers for the apron dress?

– Draw the 17 x 25 cm rectangle for the apron front on your pattern paper.
– Draw a 15 x 25 cm cm rectangle for the pockets and draw in the opening and round the corners
– Draw a 4 x 65 cm long rectangle for the straps
– Draw a 4 x 74 cm wide waistband
– Draw the upper apron cover in heart shape

The sewing steps you can see in my video and I’ll keep you updated about the pdf pattern process.

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