How to sew a bow tie + free pattern

In my last YouTube video I promised to pubish a tutorial for man in my next video. Today is the day that I release my second pattern and the video tutorial for sewing a bow tie. I am pretty excited because after the beret pattern that’s my first fully digitized print at home pattern.

You don’t want to know how many hours I spend in front of the printer but I am happy to share it with you my dear reader. If you ever decide to sew it, make sure to mark me on Instagram @damoire_sews.

Sewing a bow tie from an old pair of trousers.

You’ll need to sew the bow tie:

– An old pair of trousers
DOWNLOAD: >>> The printed pattern<<< in A4
– Pins
– Chalk
– Sewing machine
– Thread & Needle
– Ruler
– Scissors

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